Locks Changed and Replaced

DIY vs ATG Locksmiths

When its time to have your locks changed for whatever reason, be it you’ve just moved into a new house or your old lock is damaged, many people may be tempted to give it a go themselves. Though it may seem like a simple task there are things that can go wrong and if the lock is not installed correctly it can leave the overall security of your home vulnerable. In truth it is only fully qualified locksmiths that know how to correctly install a lock, below you will find a few simple reasons as to why it is best to call in your local locksmith to carry out lock repairs, changes or upgrades.

Locksmiths Have The Necessary Skills – Any reputable locksmith will have done the necessary training in order to properly install a lock. They will have the skills and qualifications needed to install any lock to any type of door. Some locks are better suited to different door types, so it is always best to leave it in the safe hands of a locksmith to ensure your locks are fitted correctly and it’s the right lock for your door.

Locksmiths Have The Right Tools – You may think changing a lock is quite easy but you would be wrong. Any good locksmith makes a lock change look easy as they have the correct tools to do the job and know exactly how to use them. Different locks require different tools and if you try using a tool that is not meant for the lock you have you could damage it, so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Locksmiths Have Relevant Knowledge and Advice – Locksmiths will be able to properly install your lock and ensure they are secure, but they will also be able to assess the overall security of your property and offer advice on how it can be improved. Locksmiths will also be able to help you find the best and most secure lock to suit your needs and budget.

ATG Locksmiths Alfreton are available 24 hours a day to respond to your calls and offer security advice and guidance on any home security issues you may have. We also offer a free home security assessment to our customers in order to help them make their homes and businesses as secure as they can be.

In most cases locksmiths have a schedule they can work to suit your needs. ATG Locksmiths Alfreton are here 24 hours a day to help with you lock, key and security needs.

Overall it makes more sense to call out a professional locksmith to install your locks as trying DIY could end up costing you more money and you could even cause unnecessary damage.

If you need your locks changing, upgrading or even repairing then contact ATG Locksmiths Alfreton today –07581 060586